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Creating a Nautical Theme in Your Living Room

Nautical themes are all the rage because they work for so many decorative styles. This type of theme is clean and airy, and it works for a range of preferences from modern to traditional. Finding the right elements is important to make this theme come to life. When it comes to things like sofas and areas rugs, San Diego residents want to make sure that they make the best choice to get the best nautical look possible.


Choose the Right Colors for Your Space


When you are working on a nautical theme, you want to make the main colors in your space white and navy blue since these are the two primary colors of this theme. To add some more color and vary the look of your space, you want to add in some elements that are light blue, yellow and red. You can incorporate these colors in the form of decorative objects, such as pillows and vases.


Picking Out the Tables and Chairs


You want the furniture to be comfortable, first and foremost, since this style is meant to be centered around comfort. You want to choose chairs that work with your wall color. So if you choose navy walls, consider white furniture and vice versa. Since boats often have wood elements, your tables should be a medium to light wood color to continue the nautical theme.


Ensure That Your Floor Works With the Flow


Wood floors are the best option since they are versatile and make it easy to place an area rug. A red or yellow area rug is a good option because it will offset the primary white and navy blue colors that are dominating your room. You want the area rug to serve as an element that grabs people’s attention. For example, in a living room, the area rug should be the center of the primary seating area, making it eye-catching and functional since it will protect the floors in this high traffic area.


Consider the Right Decorative Elements


A boat steering wheel, a decorative boat figure and some rope are three of the most common decorative items that help to bring a nautical theme to life. You do not want to go overboard, but you do want to vary the decorative elements so that they are evenly spread. Consider pillows that incorporate the traditional nautical colors and make sure to have some anchors somewhere. Curtains should be simple and easy to open and close.


As you can see, whether focused on the paint or area rugs, San Diego residents want to keep the high seas in mind. The purpose of this decorative theme is to create a space that is bright and comfortable.


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