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Tips to Add Personality to Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a room that you will spend a lot of time in. After a year or two of the same thing you are likely to get bored and want to make a few changes to add some personality to this room. You can make a big impact on a small budget and turn your room into a place that you truly enjoy and feel relaxed in. When it comes to things, such as bedding and area rugs, San Diego residents can make a big difference in their space.

Luxury Bedding

Simply changing from your current bedding to a more luxurious type can completely change the feel of your room. If you have very fine taste, look for an Egyptian cotton. This is a type of cotton that grows along the Nile river, hence its name. This cotton is famous for its glossy, smooth finish.

Do not be fooled by thread count. It is the quality of the fabric that matters most. For example, a 200 thread count sheet can be more luxurious than a 600 thread count sheet if the 200 thread count option is made of better quality fabrics. The best way to determine if a luxury bedding is right for you is to use your hands to feel the fabric. If you like the way it feels then it is probably a good choice for you.

Color Splashes

If you want to really make your bedroom pop, add some pops of color. Yellow, turquoise and bright greens are a good way to keep your room serene while also making it more eye-catching. Add a few throw pillows to the bed, bring in two new lamps in these colors, toss on a new colorful comforter and place some fresh flowers. All of this can be done for less than $100.00.

Change Your Window Coverings

Even if you only have one window in your bedroom, you can use it to add intense personality. Think color and simplicity. Go for a bold pattern in colors that are bright and represent you. Since you are going bold, keep the curtains simple. Two flat panels that simply slide onto a hanging rod are a great choice. These are also easy to hang and can be done in minutes.

Make a Statement Wall

Choose one wall in your room and paint it a bold color, add an interesting wallpaper or dedicate it to interesting art. The key is to keep all of this on one wall so that it draws everyone who enters to see it. If you are using paint or wallpaper, this wall is a good option for placing your bed against. If you are using art and other hanging items, go for a wall that your bed is not against.

You can see that there are several ways to inject some personality into your bedroom. Whether you opt for new paint, or something, such as area rugs in San Diego, you will notice a boost in aesthetic.


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