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Using Rugs to Stage a Home for Sale

When you are working to sell a home, you know that you need to stage it well so that potential buyers can visualize themselves in the one. When it comes to area rugs, San Diego sellers can benefit by using rugs to tie the staged design together. Knowing the right types of rugs to use and how to place them will help to make a very aesthetically appealing space.

Pick Out the Right Colors

When you stage a home, neutral colors are important because if you go overly bold, this can scare off potential buyers. Look for colors in the white, gray and brown color schemes. This will be easy to work into various furniture color schemes and can move from room to room.

Make the Proper Size Considerations

You want to measure the space before choosing a rug because the rug should not overwhelm the space. Remember that a rug is just one decorative and functional element. It should not nominate the floor and if you are using it in front of a sofa, for example, you want it to be no longer than the length of the sofa.

Know Where to Put Rugs for the Best Flow

You want to be strategic when it comes to where you place rugs throughout the space. The rugs should serve as an accent while also being functional. For example, a rug outside the shower collects water and reduces the risk of falling. If you place one in front of the kitchen sink, it adds a design element and makes it more comfortable to stand there when you are doing the dishes.

Accentuate the Space With the Right Rug

When you want to spice up the feel of a space, the right rug can make all the difference. You want to keep things neutral in terms of color, but a bold pattern can make a very calm room truly come to life. Make sure that the design plays into the atmosphere that you are trying to create. For example, if you are putting a rug somewhere with a flow of traffic, you can choose stripes that point in the direction that you want the traffic to flow. This will essentially direct traffic and make the space appear easier to navigate which is especially important in smaller rooms.

Now you can see that area rugs in San Diego can help to make a more comfortable space. When people are trying to purchase a home, they want to be able to imagine themselves in the space. So the right rugs that are properly placed can go a long way in ensuring that you are properly staging the home.

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