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Common Materials Used in Area Rugs

When shopping for an area rug, it is important that a consumer know the material. While the pattern and color ultimately determine if that rug will match their home’s existing style or décor, the material makes the difference between what is comfortable and what is unbearable to walk on.


Wool is a common material used in area rugs in San Diego stores. It is sturdy, easily repels water and stains, and is pleasant to walk on. Also, it offers heat insulation, which is why it is ideal for tile or wooden floors where heat is necessary for the winter.

Wool is best for high traffic areas where an area rug is needed. Wool area rugs are more common in living rooms, hallways, and foyers because of its durability. New wool carpet owners should note that this type of material does shed for a few weeks.


Silk is luxurious and incredibly soft. It is also tear-resistant, which makes it durable compared to other soft fibers. Due to the lustrous nature of the material, the rug will give off a sheen.

Silk is not a suitable area rug in San Diego homes that have high traffic. Instead, it should be placed in a bedroom or office where it will not be used all the time. Also, silk cannot be used in moisture-prone areas, like bathrooms.


Cotton is a very desirable material because it is strong, natural, and still very soft to walk on.

Cotton area rugs sold in San Diego come in a flat weave style, and they are often marketed for kitchens. Also, smaller cotton area rugs can be tossed into a washing machine and washed, while other rugs require special cleaning services.

The cotton pile can felt and attracts dirt easily, so it is best in a bathroom or kitchen where it will not receive high foot traffic with dirt and other debris.


Jute is another natural plant fiber that makes for a strong, sturdy rug.

Homes that are on the beach or looking for that cottage feel can use a jute rug with ease. Jute is very coarse and firm, so it is not ideal if someone is looking for a comfortable area rug in a common living area. Also, jute is too harsh for children’s playrooms or sitting on – it’s better in entryways.

Most importantly, jute cannot handle excessive moisture. It really needs to be kept in areas where it will remain dry.


Just like silk, chenille is a luxurious material that is soft, thick, and comfortable to walk or sit on.

Chenille rugs come in many styles, including braided and contemporary. They are ideal for nurseries or where small children will play and crawl. Due to the softness, however, they cannot handle the foot traffic of busier rooms in the house.

Some use chenille area rugs in formal dining rooms because they mimic the look and feel of silk, but are more affordable.



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