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How to Clean a Rug

Cleaning a rug may sound like an easy task, but the truth is that many homeowners struggle with finding the best way to keep their area rugs looking their best. Each rug is a little different, so be sure to check whether or not the materials are compatible with the cleaning solution before starting. If the homeowner is unsure if the cleaning method or solution is compatible, they should do a small spot test to avoid damage.

In general, vacuuming and spot cleaning the rug will be enough to keep it looking great, especially if done every day. Shampooing and deep cleaning take it one step further, helping to remove dirt and grime embedded in the rug.

Step 1: Vacuum

Keeping a rug clean starts with a good vacuum. While some homeowners insist on taking the rug outside and beating it clean, most rugs are to big and bulky to be lifted every day. Vacuuming every day is more than enough to keep the dust and dirt from settling in. If the homeowner is worried about a rug in a high traffic area, they should consider investing in a robotic vacuum to constantly clean the area.

Step 2: Spot Clean

The best way to preserve the look of a rug is to take care of spills before they become permanent stains. If a spill occurs, use a small amount of carpet cleaner and a brush to scrub the stain away, then pat it dry. Food, dyes, and other staining substances that are allowed to sit have the potential to cause bigger stains. Addressing the problem as quickly as possible means less deep cleaning later.

Step 3: Shampoo

Use a special shampoo to scrub the rug. Home carpet cleaning machines may be used on larger rugs and smaller rugs may be suitable for machine wash. Delicate styles may have more specific shampooing instructions. If a person is unsure if their rug can take the pressure of a machine wash, they should scrub the whole thing by hand or call in a professional. Shampooing is a necessity, but it shouldn’t tear the rug apart or cause discoloration in the process. Play it safe to avoid damage!

Step 4: Deep Clean

Before buying a new rug from the store in San Diego, try hiring a professional cleaning service. In many cases, strong cleaners are the only thing needed to restore the rug to its former glory. Professionals have access to commercial grade equipment and chemicals that can lift dirt, stains, mold, mildew and other contaminants within minutes.

While hiring a professional may seem extreme, remember that most people don’t need to hire a rug cleaner more than once per year. Simply vacuuming and shampooing the rug is usually enough to maintain the look of the rug.

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