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5 Trending Room Colors for Winter

Changing a space to match the tone of the season is a growing trend. It’s normal to add holiday décor, but completely transforming the room can be a challenge. Aside from adding new paintings, tablecloths or furniture, homeowners can add color using more subtle accessories. Having seasonal rugs in San Diego can help easily bring the look together. Here are just a few trendy color combinations that homeowners are using this season.

White and Blue

People often associate snowfall with pristine white and light blue tones. While some holidays are represented by bold shades of white and blue, most people are hoping to mimic the tranquility of the season when incorporating these colors. Try using fluffy white rugs or throws can help add a touch of whimsy and wonder to the room.

Silver and Gold

These sophisticated tones are making a comeback. The beautiful metallic colors are easy to add to the existing style of a room; all the homeowner needs is a few accessories. One trend is to hang silver and gold ornaments from the ceiling. Another cute trend is to use silver wrapping paper to cover photos or use around borders. Make small changes to allow the metallic tones to really stand out.

A Splash of Color

One growing winter trend is to remove as much color from a room as possible, giving it a more neutral appearance. Once the space is white, tan, or black, add one or two vibrant accessories. Red plants work well around the holidays, but any color can be used to create a similar effect. Some of the best colors to use are red, green, turquoise, or yellow.

Bring the Outside In

Rich green and brown tones are staying a consistent trend throughout the season. Rather than match the colors found outside in the winter, homeowners are matching the lush colors of springtime. Paint the walls a rich forest green and use chocolate brown rugs to mimic the great outdoors. Add some lighthearted pastels to create a fresh new look.

Purple Highlights

Believe it or not, rich purples are making a comeback in home décor. While they are not traditionally a winter color, they can help create a sense of warmth and luxury. Best of all, purple can be combined with almost any color and look unique. Try combining purple walls with cute yellow or red accessories to create a colorful style anyone can appreciate.

Decorating a home for the winter season can be easy. While some homeowners completely redo each room, others are able to make small changes that help welcome in the season. Explore home décor trends online to get inspired this holiday season.

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