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Designing and Decorating Your Garden Room

When you have a garden room, you want to make sure that you make the most of it. There are a number of options that you can choose from. Whether considering plants or rugs, San Diego residents want to make sure that the various elements complement each other and offer tranquility.


You want to use a variety of plants to bring the outdoors in. Use whichever plants you prefer and do not be afraid of the upkeep on them. For example, orchids are an excellent choice and there are types that do not require as much work as the others. To vary the plants and ensure a solid mixture of colors and sizes, you might also consider azaleas and roses. To add a little green to the garden room, check out some ferns and some standing plants around the room in such a way to complement the large array of colors from the flowers.

If you have seen some infomercials recently you have probably seen the blown glass globes that feed water to your plants as they need them. These not only add some additional color, but they make it easier to care for your plants too.


Consider wicker furniture with colorful pads and pillows to complement the colors of the flowers. There are numerous furniture types and colors to choose from, so it is easy to get the desired look and level of function that you want in this space when you opt for wicker furniture.


During the day there is often enough natural light seeping into this type of room, so you likely will not have to worry about lighting when the sun is out. However, for nighttime and dark days, you want lighting that offers a tranquil level of illumination. This means that you can see what you are doing, but the lighting is not overly bright. A fireplace on wheels, some flameless candles and a few lamps are generally sufficient for this purpose.


There are several accessory options that you might consider for this type of space. First, a nice area rug can tie the seating area together. You might also consider some shelving to hold items, such as books that you will read in the room, as well as some extra decorative items.

This is a very simple design that can easily be implemented by anyone. Cost will depend on where you go and how many elements you choose to use. You can get really creative with the plants and rugs in San Diego that you use, as well as the other components, allowing you to create a truly unique space.


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