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Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Having some color in each room of your home makes the space more lively and enjoyable. Even if you have a more neutral color scheme, it is easy to add some color by using some relatively subtle techniques. When it comes to elements, such as vases and rugs, San Diego residents can easily make a small and colorful change in their home.


Vases and Bowls


Vases and bowls come in varying sizes, so you can choose to incorporate them on the floor or on surfaces. You can easily place one or two of these in each room. For example, in your living room, consider a bowl on the center of your coffee table and a vase on your fireplace if you have one. This allows you to quickly add some color and you can easily switch them out should you change the color scheme in the future.


Area Rugs


Area rugs work in almost every room of your home. It is easy to make an area rug the focal point by placing it in the center of the room. They will also act as a barrier to protect your carpeting and floors underneath.




Curtains provide privacy; they allow you to adjust natural light and they can add color to your space. If you want the injection of color to be more subtle, consider sheer curtains.


Figurines and Sculptures


Like vases and bowls, figurines and sculptures come in a wide array of sizes. You can find small ones that easily sit on a tabletop, or you can choose a larger one that can sit on the floor. If you want to use this type of decorative element to also add greater aesthetic and serenity to a space, consider a sculpture that is also a water feature. Just listening to the trickle of water can calm and soothe you after a long day.


Wall Art


Art options like paintings or drawings are an easy way to inject some color into a room in your home. You can find wall art in a wide variety of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect piece for your wall. Depending on the room, you might consider making wall art the focal point of a space. For example, placing a large painting on a windowless wall in your dining room provides an excellent focal point for this room.


As you can see, there are several ways to add some color to your home. Even just one colorful element in each room will help to create a space that is brighter and more lively. Elements like curtains and rugs in San Diego make it possible to add color and more function to your space.


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