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Popular Tips from the Hottest Interior Designers

Whether looking at furniture or rugs, San Diego residents want to ensure that they are making the right choices. Getting some advice from a number of popular interior designers is an easy way to ensure that the design choices that you make are the right ones. Learn more about the methods and schemes that the professionals utilize, so that when you are ready to redecorate, it will be a lot easier to develop ideas that are perfect for your home.

Use Tricks to Make a Room Feel Larger

Not all rooms are going to be spacious, but there are ways to make them feel a lot larger than they are. A great mirror is the oldest trick in the book because it gives the illusion that you are working with a lot more square footage than you are. You also want to keep the colors in the room light, place the curtains a bit above the window to make the ceilings feel taller and ensure a good flow of traffic to make a room feel bigger.

Incorporate a Great Rug as the Focal Point

Many people use something like a painting or a fireplace as the focal point. While both of these can work, a rug as a focal point can take it to the next level. Your rug not only offers an excellent design element, but it can also be used to draw the eye to the primary area of the room. For example, it can be used to tie the seating area together in the dining room by drawing the eye to this space.

Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Space

When a room has plenty of natural elements, it feels brighter and more alive. This can give you an automatic mood boost whenever you walk into the room. So, allow the natural light to shine through your windows whenever it is daytime for a dose of sunshine. You can also incorporate some plants into the space for a hint of nature and a burst of color.

Map the Room Before Filling It

Many people make the mistake of just bringing the furniture into a room and then going from there, but this is a big mistake. Take a pencil and a piece of paper and actually plan the room before you start placing your furniture and decorating to make sure that your idea works.

You can see that every detail matters when it comes to picking the right design scheme for your home. Whether you are looking at paint colors or rugs in San Diego, you want to really think about your choices to make sure that they are ideal for your space.



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