Best Ways to Protect Rugs from Getting Damaged in San Diego

Top 5 Ways to Protect Area Rugs From Getting Damaged in San Diego

When in the market for some new area rugs in San Diego, knowing how to properly protect these rugs from harm can help in prolonging their lifespan. Since a beautiful area rug can come at a hefty price, practicing some protection protocols can be very necessary. Putting in some extra cash to get an ideal area rug in San Diego? Here are some basic tips on how to conserve its beauty for as long as possible.

Clean Area Rugs on a Regular Basis

In order to conserve an area rug, cleaning it on a weekly basis is advised. This is because there are many harmful fragments that can fall into it, and allowing them to settle in can eventually cause the area rug to look rugged and old. By vacuuming or cleaning the newly purchased area rug regularly, one can ensure that any dust particles or liquids won’t have the chance to put a damper on the rugs overall look.

Rotate Your Area Rugs

When buying an area rug, it is important to know that there are some easy tricks that can be done in order to leave the rug looking clean and new for many years. A great tip in doing so is to rotate the area rug every time it has been cleaned. Since people tend to have habitual trajectories, a path can start to get carved inside of the area rug. But by rotating it on a weekly basis, this path can get eliminated or prevented in the first place.

Use an Underlay

Another great way to prevent an area rug from looking like it has a path sketched into it is to use an underlay. An underlay is a thinly padded cushion that is put under the area rug. This underlay will ensure that the area rug has a bounce to it, thus diminishing the chances of it looking used and walked on.

Use a Protectant to Prevent Staining

Since stains can happen, using a protectant on the area rug can make the cleaning it a whole lot easier. When purchasing an area rug in San Diego, make sure to ask the vendor whether or not they sell protectants. As they are usually equipped with different types of protectants that could help prolong the life of the rug.

Be Barefoot When Walking on Top of It

In order to stop any mud or dirt from finding its way into the new area rug, making it known that shoes are not welcomed inside of the house will make things a lot easier.

By applying these simple yet effective tricks, one can be sure that their new area rug will look and feel brand new for a long amount of time!







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