Home Rug Trends

Interesting Trends in Home Rugs

Trends come and go with rugs for the home just as much as fashion.

San Diego rug stores try to keep up with the trends so that homeowners can find a rug that suits their personal style, budget, and the latest home fashion.

These days, more homeowners are searching for rugs that are influenced by materials, colors, and styles from around the world. Luckily, most of these “exotic” trends are friendly enough to incorporate into other styles.

The Natural Fiber Rug

More rugs in San Diego stores are featuring natural (instead of synthetic) fibers. Natural weaves include jute, seagrass, dyed jute, sisal, and hemp.

These rugs are environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and very casual. They are still budget-friendly, and they are versatile for the home. Rugs will come in various styles and colors, but not all natural fiber rugs come in dyed form.

Each natural fiber rug material has its advantages, like sisal can handle moisture, while jute is easy to care for.

Turkish Styles

Turkish rugs are ornate and beautiful to look at. They are like artwork for the floor, and they bring an eclectic mix to the home.

Rug-making is a culture in Turkey. In fact, tribes and villages have been making them by hand for centuries. A Turkish-style rug features colorful combinations, patterns, and textures that are influenced from styles around the world.

Most will have crisp designed, saturated colors, and textures with subtle irregularities — showing that they are truly handmade.

The most popular styles of Turkey rugs include kilim, oushak, and soumak.

Moroccan Rugs

Like Turkey styles, the Moroccan rugs in San Diego retail shops are becoming popular.

Most Moroccan rugs feature Berber with colors, patterns, and artistry. They are very bold in color, chic, and ideal for the home that wants to have a statement on their floor.

There are more than 45 Berber tribes, and each has their style for rugs. Homeowners should be aware of the particular Moroccan style they are trying to mimic in their home.

The Persian Rug

Persian rugs have been a style for years, and they will not go away anytime soon.

Persian rugs are known for their colors, medallions, and dense patterns that meld together like a symphony. They are the more sophisticated area rugs out there, and the artwork behind them dates to BC times.

Hide Rugs

Hide rugs come from the Flokati rug style in Greece. They feature sheared lamb’s wool that is then washed and woven into a rug. It creates a funky, modern finish with a contrast of texture and colors.

They are incredibly soft and have a high pile. Pile heights can be modified, and there are different types of hide rugs for those that do not want a plush area rug in their home.

French Aubusson

These are classic, beautiful, and very European. Aubusson styles are romantic and look like classic revivals. The colors are muted and they are not as bold as other European styles, but their patterns are intricate, and most are woven by hand.



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