Adding Warmth to Any Room

Adding Warmth to Any Room

Some rooms are warm and inviting from the moment people walk into them. While San Diego has some of the best year round weather on the planet, the right room can take a chill out of the air and add sunshine to the soul while others make people feel cold, uncomfortable, and unwelcomed. For people interested in creating an atmosphere of warmth, these steps will help them accomplish their goals in almost every room of the home.

Use Soft Lighting and Candles

Even better, use mirrors in strategic locations to reflect the light throughout the room. This adds to the illusion of warmth and helps to make small rooms appear even larger.

Paint Walls in Warm Colors

Color is important in conveying an atmosphere for warmth. Colors like darker shades of yellow, burgundy, tan, and various shades of brown can bring a great deal of warmth to the room. Use lighter shades for most walls (though some homeowners use one accent wall in a darker shade for a pop of color) and choose darker shades for things like furniture and floors.

Use Natural Materials

There are few things that are as warm as wood and natural stones such as sandstone and slate) in a home. These add warmth and are simply beautiful additions. Consider using stone tile flooring or hardwoods and natural timbre or wood accents in a room to accentuate the warmth throughout the room.

Use Accent Rugs Wisely

Beautiful area rugs in San Diego are not at all difficult to find and can really add to the warmth of any room. Not only do rugs accentuate a warm look to the room, but they also provide some degree of insulating to the floor to carry a literal feeling of warmth throughout the room.

Choose Fabrics that Convey Warmth

From blankets to pillows and window treatments, fabric plays an important role in providing warmth to all the rooms in a home. Choose fabrics that are warm to the touch and in colors that support the warm atmosphere.

Homeowners may have many choices for decorating and designing their homes. When it comes to creating an atmosphere of warmth, these ideas will help to promote the theme throughout the home.


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